engineering & construction

In general, the engineering construction approach has three stages.

First, the design stage. At this stage, the project owner works with an architect or designer to come up with a design for the building – the ‘CRITICAL’ group of companies may assist in input their expertise & experience, in a professional & ethic way.

Second, the bidding stage. At this stage, several potential contractors will tender bids on the pre-decided design. This means that they will submit their proposals to the project owner, who will then decide which contractor he wants to construct the building – the ‘CRITICAL’ group of companies shall attend to the bidding process, providing the best offer – technically & commercially – to their client.

Finally, at the construction stage, the actual construction of the building will take place by the contractor who won the bid, in line with the original design – the ‘CRITICAL’ group of companies shall mobilise & deploy a professional team members – project management, engineering team, commercial team, QA/QC team, testing & commissioning team – to perform & deliver the project.