Free Cooling Unit – Critical Control Heat Exchange (HEX) Unit

How It Work?

The units extract heat from ambient air, exchanging it with the internal circuit and thus providing cooling of the warm internal air.


When choosing a cooling technology that utilizes ambient air to cool, it is important to understand the concept of delta t (∆t). ∆t = t internal – tambient. The capacity is stated as e.g. 288 W/K. This means that at a difference in temperature of 1K= 1°C, the cooling capacity is 0,288kW.

Average ambient temperature: 20°C, desired internal temperature: 25°C = ∆t = 5 (25-20).

Aluminium Core

The aluminium plate type heat exchange core is a high-quality core capable of dissipating up to 180W°K (100W/F).