Critical Facilities

Critical Facility is a term used by the industrial player to describe assets that are essential for the functioning of business continuity.

Critical M&E Engineering will assist to identify all the critical services necessary to ensure customer’s business continuity, by properly designed and supported, so that the customer can focus on its core business, and to fulfill its critical objectives.

Critical facilities namely the following areas

  • Manufacturing Plants & Factories
  • Data Centers
  • Military & Command Center
  • Telecommunication Industries
  • Hospitals & Medical Centers
  • Laboratories
  • Government Buildings & Educational Institutions
  • Commercial Building & Complex

Which, any interruption to these operations will cause severe losses to the users.

Critical Facility Services and Support includes;

  • Advance HVAC systems
  • Capacity Elements – Consists of chillers, cooling towers, CRAC units, Air Handlers, Package DX Systems, Chilled Water Pumps, Condenser Water Pumps, and associated building control systems
  • Distribution/ Path Elements – Consists of refrigerant piping, chilled water piping, ducting, grills, and associated building control systems
  • Clean Room design and construction
  • Data Center Architecture Electrical and mechanical system configurations designed for performance, reliability and maintainability
  • Main Electrical Systems Including utility coordination, service entrances and distribution systems
  • Generator system
  • Electrical transfer systems
  • UPS Systems and Distribution
  • Builder work includes of raised flooring system
  • Fire Detection and Suppression Systems
  • Data Center Grounding, Security and Communications Systems
  • Commissioning and Failure Mode Testing and Acceptance
  • Building Management System
  • Services & Maintenance which 24x7x365 support