Battery Monitoring System

Customers That Embraced Battery Monitoring Have:

  • Eliminated their battery failure risk
  • Ensured performance of their critical power systems
  • Reduced battery maintenance costs

The End-user Base Is Largely Unaware That A Proven Solution For Their Battery Problems Exist

Why Critical System Batteries Should Be Monitored

  • Mission Critical Systems Require The Benefits Of On-line Battery Monitoring Systems
    • Best possible reliability and practices demanded (TIA-942, Tier 4)
  • Systems cannot always be taken of-line for maintenance
  • Extensive annual or periodic tests are expensive and interrupt business operations
  • Budget constraints often limit or eliminate battery maintenance
  • Personnel changes
  • Real Time Conditions Can Be Identified and Managed, Discharges/Thermal Runaway / Environmental / System Failures
  • Up To 85% Of All Back up Power System Failures Are Battery Related
    • Monitoring Systems can’t detect failures proactively
    • Failures occur between service intervals
    • Inconsistent and often compromised maintenance
      • E.E.E recommends measuring the Voltage and Impedance values of batteries
      • Lack of customer awareness and/or expertise
    • Battery Failure Can Happen In 2 Weeks
      • Failure can occur at any time in the battery life cycle
      • Successful discharges or discharge tests can speed failure
      • A quarterly check cannot assure the battery system will perform
    • 5+% Of New Batteries Fail Within The Warranty Period
      • Significant impact to critical system reliability
        • Installing new batteries does not reduce risk of failure
        • Users need a method to find the bad ones in time
      • A warranty is not the same as a performance guarantee
    • Changes Happening In The Battery Industry
      • China as main supplier of lead and batteries
        • Many new battery types have entered the market with little or no track record
      • Manufacturers are under pressure to reduce cost
        • The quality of batteries in the market has suffered