Battery Monitoring System – Btech


BTECH’s 5th Generation Battery Monitoring System

Real Time Monitoring

  • Cell Impedance
  • Ambient & Pilot Temperature
  • String & System Current (Float/Charge/Discharge)
  • Cell & System Voltage (Float/Discharge)

Measurement of key battery performance parameters for trend analysis (failure prediction & prevention)

Real Time Data Display

Live Measurements of key battery performance parameters for alarm conditions (immediate problems)

  • Unit Voltage
  • System Voltage
  • Discharge Events
  • Temperature

Full Data Logging and Analysis: Building the Database

  • Unit Impedance, Voltage and Temperatures

S5 Communications

  • Building or Facility Management System Integration
  • Transmitting Information and Alarms Remotely
  • Retrieving Information in the Battery Room

S5 System Software

BTECH’s Software Platform Serves as Your Central Monitoring Point for Multiple Systems and Locations

  • BTECH’s BVM Observer collects and distributes data and alarms automatically for up to 1000 systems
  • BTECH’s BVM Validation Manager provides full data trending, analysis and reporting
  • Complete Isolation from the Battery String
  • Factory Designed and Built Wiring Harnesses
  • BTECH’s Unique Safety Fuse System

S5 Technology

The Leading Indicator of Failure

  • BTECH’s Patented Impedance Method
    • Impedance includes the capacitive effect of the battery and provides a more accurate correlation with battery capacity…the reference measurement method
    • Pulsed DC Impedance at 215 Hz
    • No effect from AC ripple or downstream noise
    • Multiple measurements made for data averaging and comprehensive noise analysis
  • No Discharge Below Open Circuit Voltage
    • Measurements do not place load on batteries and do not affect battery life

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