Critical Holdings Berhad pioneers a unique modular factory concept tailored for large-scale Li-Ion battery production. Our integrated solutions prioritize safety measures and technology requirements, enabling the most cost-efficient, high-quality, and flexible production of Li-Ion batteries. This innovative approach empowers the growth of this burgeoning technology, ensuring broad market acceptance.

Comprehensive Support from Concept to Production:

From initial concept studies and consulting projects to large-scale production solutions, Critical Holdings Berhad provides end-to-end services for developing advanced building concepts optimized for logistics and industrial engineering solutions. Our tailored approach ensures clients meet challenging capacity and cost targets on time and within budget.

Optimized Environments for Controlled Processes:

Critical Holdings Berhad emphasizes controlled processes and conditioned storage throughout the Li-Ion battery production cycle. Our expertise spans slurry preparation, anode and cathode coating, cell assembly, electrolyte filling, formation, and storage. We employ leading-edge dryrooms and implement vital safety measures, including low humidity environments and constant temperature control, to guarantee optimal conditions.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Sustainable Battery Fabs:

Critical Holdings Berhad’s cost-effective dryroom concept, engineered and patented by our experts, reduces investment and operational costs without compromising quality. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including full EPC capability and specialist work packages contracting, ensuring seamless integration of requirements into sustainable, cost-effective battery fabs. With expertise in handling complex, challenging facility projects, Critical Holdings Berhad delivers innovative solutions at the forefront of disruptive technology concepts.