Critical Holdings Berhad has successfully delivered photovoltaic facilities. Our extensive project portfolio includes collaborations with Malaysia’s largest solar companies, showcasing our expertise in designing and constructing large-scale photovoltaic manufacturing facilities. Clients trust Critical Holdings Berhad for the reliable implementation of new and upgraded PV process technologies, making us your premier EPC partner.

Tailored Excellence for Optimal Results:

Critical Holdings Berhad leads the industry in value-engineered, leading-edge solutions that perfectly align with client needs. For decades, we have pioneered innovative approaches to photovoltaic manufacturing facility design and construction. Our commitment to excellence ensures safe and sustainable production environments, customized to meet specific cost, timeline, and capacity requirements of PV manufacturers.

Comprehensive Support for Success:

From concept engineering to specialist process expertise and tool installation services, Critical Holdings Berhad offers comprehensive support throughout the project lifecycle. Our focus on customer satisfaction drives us to deliver tailored solutions that maximize efficiency and profitability for our clients in the dynamic solar industry landscape.