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Chilled Water Plants: Impact on Energy Use and Operating Costs:

Large buildings, campuses, and facilities often house chilled water plants, integral for cooling air handling units and other equipment. The design, operation, and maintenance of these plants play a pivotal role in influencing building energy use and operating costs. Their significant electricity consumption, coupled with contributions to peak loads during maximum capacity events, poses challenges for utility grid managers. The variation in energy use rates, with plants operating at full capacity during peaks and standing by during moderate temperatures, necessitates strategic planning to address energy demand fluctuations.

Utility Rates and Time-of-Use Pricing:

Most buildings with chilled water plants operate under specialized utility rates where electricity costs vary based on usage timing and maximum rates. Particularly during summer on-peak periods, electricity prices surge, emphasizing the need for efficient plant operation. This time-dependent pricing structure reflects the impact of chilled water plants on overall energy costs and highlights the importance of optimizing their performance to align with cost-effective consumption patterns.

Sustainability and Compliance:

Beyond energy concerns, the replacement or overhaul of existing chilled water plants is driven by environmental considerations. Older plants often use ozone-damaging refrigerants, such as CFCs, which are subject to international agreements like the Montreal Protocol. As these harmful chemicals are phased out, the price of CFCs is expected to rise, creating economic pressure for the renovation or replacement of outdated systems. This shift not only aligns with sustainability goals but also ensures compliance with international environmental agreements, emphasizing the imperative for modernizing chilled water plants for a greener and more efficient future.

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