General Contracting

In general, the engineering construction approach has three stages.

First, the design stage. At this stage, the project owner works with an architect or designer to come up with a design for the building – Critical Holdings Berhad may assist in input their expertise & experience, in a professional & ethic way.

Second, the bidding stage. At this stage, several potential contractors will tender bids on the pre-decided design. This means that they will submit their proposals to the project owner, who will then decide which contractor he wants to construct the building – Critical Holdings Berhad shall attend to the bidding process, providing the best offer – technically & commercially – to their client.

Finally, at the construction stage, the actual construction of the building will take place by the contractor who won the bid, in line with the original design – Critical Holdings Berhad shall mobilise & deploy a professional team members – project management, engineering team, commercial team, QA/QC team, testing & commissioning team – to perform & deliver the project.

Ametek Engineered Materials

Ametek Engineered Materials had appointed Critical Holdings Berhad as the General Contractor for the retrofit and remodelling of factory located in the Penang Free Industrial Zone. The works includes repartitioning internal walls and room space, swapping of 6 units air cooled chillers and associated air side handling units (AHU & FCU) with ducting installation, Compressed Dry Air and associated piping, revamping the Fire Protection System including water tank & pumps, new route installation of Process Exhaust System (GEX & fume), electrical works & new distribution boards, and all Interior Design works.

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General Contracting

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